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Hi, My name is Mina and I am a home cook of authentic Indian food. My parents come from a fishing region/state in India called Gujarat (West India). They still have their humble home there that was built by my grandad over 80 years ago, ) although it is used as their holiday home these days.

My mum had me cooking from the age of 8 (after all how would I find a nice man to marry if I couldn’t feed him she said! ). Today I am grateful to my mum for starting me off so early and I have been inquisitive about food ever since. Learning from all my travels over the years and visiting India three times to discover there is such a wider cuisine and tastes from hot south indian food to the creamier moghul dishes of the north.

The menu gives you a taster from different regions of India and all authentic dishes I cook, although chicken tikka masala was imported to india from the UK ! My venture started out not that long ago in my son’s primary school playground, where mum’s asked me if I could prepare a curry to takeaway and I have not looked back. I make my curry’s fresh to order and cook and cool them so they are perfect to reheat. This allows the flexibility to have the curry where you want it, how you want it and whatever time you want it.

Its a different concept to takeaway but one that has delighted many customer’s to date. I cook my food mindfully,  so it is cooked with love which sounds a little hippie but I hope you can taste the difference and have an enjoyable taste experience in return. Where possible I use little or no fat in the cooking , there are no unnecessary additives or preservatives in my food. Everything is handcut , handmade and homemade in small batches which mean I cook for you and your order not the masses which is the beauty of doing it all from my family home. Hope you enjoy. Do follow me on FaceBook  for all the latest news from the kitchen too. We also now have a full suite of fresh frozen curries here , come to my porch help yourself , honesty box system open EVERYDAY ALL day and evening.



Fresh & Freshly Made

All ingredients used are fresh! Everything I make is made ‘ground up’, in more ways than one. No pastes, no additives, no flavour enhancers, no nasties and no unnecessary fats are used in the base cooking . In fact they are purposefully cooked with balance in mind. 

I hope you enjoy the taste of my home-made no ghee curries, I love sharing my childhood and travelling taste experience with you. I do encourage comments so please be honest, constructive feedback can only be helpful! And much appreciated.

All curries are available FROZEN too (Subject to stock). Just walk into my porch and help yourself – pay via honesty box (Cash into the postbox on my wall next to freezer or by BACS). Open all day (Daylight hours)  EVERYDAY of the year !


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