May Celebration Bag & Introducing BBQ Heroes

I cannot believe another month has gone by already. Still love spring (my favourite season)! I was on my usual Monday mediation walk the other week and and i stopped in my tracks in awe of a a lovely big cherry tree that had blossomed in the village (1 of many of course!). I stood there in the middle of the street in awe of its beauty , wondering how old its root system must be to have such long reaching branches , beautiful delicate flowers contrasting its dark branches , was it there before the house ?, I wonder how many people questioned what kind of stalker i was as i must of stood there for several minutes looking into someone else’s garden! . I came home to find my cherry blossom had also had a spout of flowers – now i suppose it happens this way or had i just missed it. Either way it lifted my soul and spirit’s and i’m glad I admired it as I understand the blossom only lasts in full bloom for a few days?

Hope this mail reaches everyone in good health too. It’s been 1 year and 1 month (nearly) since we made our move to Devon Down-shifting a gear to a simpler life. Although my friends assured me I would be bored – far from it , i love it here and whilst still finding our way/feet we are very happy here ( although maybe Khushi was born from my wanting to keep busy ! ). Anyway enough about me , i just wanted to say thank-you again for supporting my small venture I hope you are still enjoying the curries and look forward to more orders from you.

The frozen curries are moving very slowly at Hurford’s , I may have to withdraw if they only shift at 1 a week. They are fresh frozen , made with premium ingredients and I promise they do not lose their taste by being frozen. I also have stock here so do ask me , you can have them any day of the week. All my curries are made with the best vegetables and the best cut’s and freshness of meats ( I source ingredients from farms shops, supermarkets , local outlets i.e I shop around to find the best I can buy for you !) – I insist on quality and taste over profit’s it is important to me to maintain this for you. The M&S of curries rather than the Tesco , if i must compare. As i have said before I may do business at some point but for now it is an extension of my home cooking as i do it for my family , the beauty is that I am not looking to grow an empire infact my challenge is to stay small and driven by quality in all aspect’s xx

So 2 bank holidays in May , I have been deliberating on where I fit in my special offer, well you will be pleased to hear I am going to do a May celebration bag, (takeaway for 2 people) , for EVERY Friday in May ! so you don’t have to be cornered to a particular week, and that is generous saving of 20% on normal menu prices ! Win/win? 🙂 . the menu includes , 2 chicken mains 2 sides, Rice and a choice of Bhature Breads or 2 Vegetable Samosa. All this for £26, do specify in check out which option you would like or it will default to rice. See attached Menu – again i have included all of Khushi’s favourites !

I also promised you BBQ pack prices , thanks for everyone that fed back on this ! Following the feed back I am excited to be launching ‘the fantasic four’ not political parties that dominate us right now but heroes in the form of BBQ Marinades take a look at the new menu attached. I can make these up for you fresh , depending on how popular they are I can get some to Hurford’s too in fresh frozen form – again i can do these for you any day (with some notice). Let me know if you would like to see them in the market too.

Finally I have catered for a few dinner parties this month and really enjoying putting menu’s together for you – lovely to see new clients here too , cooking for family gatherings, friends night’s in, a party and even my first small corporate event – THANKYOU ALL x Do let me know if i can help at your next event/ gathering big or small. You will be surprised at my prices !

Love and Peace to one and all x

Mina x