This is access to a 5 part video (Home shot – no editing! so excuse my presenting skills and lighting !) – not just a demo but every single bit of detail and knowledge Mina has on sourdough to help you make the perfect loaf at home . Includes, you will need a starter first so click through your starter order (£20) and I will post it out to you :

1. Starter and how to feed and use
2. How to make and ferment your ‘dough’
3. How to stretch and fold to harness the perfect bread
4. How to shape and bulk ferment
5. Score and Bake

You also get my personal support and any questions and handholding to get you to your perfect bake

I have been making sourdough at home now for 4 years and my aim is to teach sourdough and avoiding all the mistakes I have made on my learning journey to get you to the stage I am at now. of course as all bakers know the journey never ends and it only gets better if we share or experiences 🙂 .

Mina x

ONLY £10 Click your order through and you will get a link and email support
£20 You will get a link and my very own Ruby Starter

Would you like a zoom class/party ? £20 per screen only and you bake along with me. Minimum 3 people x Email: